Hem Curtains The No Sew Way

Hi there and welcome to another post! Today, I'm sharing how I hemmed five inches off the curtains in my son's room without a sewing machine. I've never sewed anything in my life (well maybe a button that fell off my coat once. It didn't go well), so being able to hem these curtains without a single stitch was absolutely necessary lol. I watched a bunch of tutorials before attempting this, then narrowed down what I thought would be the easiest way to do it. 

Supplies I used: 

Curtains (duh)

Iron on adhesive


Measuring Tape

As a side note you can do this without even taking your curtains off the rod, but I didn't have enough room to work that way. I did, however, measure the bottom before removing the curtain. 

First, I set up my iron/board and made sure to use the right heat setting. My curtains are 100% polyester so I adjusted the heat accordingly. Next, I flipped my curtain over and laid it front side down on my ironing board. Then, I folded the bottom up five inches which is how much I wanted hemmed. 

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Next, I ironed a crease into the bottom of the curtains. Since it was wider than my ironing board I worked in two sections. 

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Once I had a deep crease, I unfolded the curtain and applied the HeatnBond Hem Iron on Adhesive right at the top of the crease line. 

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Then, I folded the curtain over the tape and ironed the crease again to melt the adhesive. Make sure to read the directions on how long to leave the iron on the tape. This one said three to five seconds. I worked my way all the way down to the end of the curtain in sections since I have a small ironing board. 

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Finally, I cut the excess fabric away from the hem and that's it! Perfectly hemmed no sew curtains!

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I will definitely be using this method again if I need to. It's much less expensive than hiring a seamstress and I didn't have to take the time to learn how to sew. Yay! Tell me what you think of the final results in the comments!

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